September 30, 2015
  • High Influenza Immunization Rates Among Younger Adults Help Protect Elderly

    When pharmacists administer flu vaccine to an adult under age 65, they also are helping to prevent the illness in the elderly. A new study finds a direct relationship between the percentage of younger adults vaccinated in a U.S. county and avoidance of flu-related illness in adults 65 and older, with the effect magnified if both age groups have protection against influenza. Here are the details.

  • ACE Inhibitors Associated With Worse Cardiovascular Outcomes in African-Americans

    ACE inhibiters increasingly are not recommended for African-American patients, and pharmacists should be aware that the drugs are associated with significantly worse cardiovascular outcomes in that group. Find out how a new study documents the problems in real-world clinical practice.

  • What Veterans Choice Means for
    Community Pharmacists

    What are the rules when veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) present a prescription to their local pharmacy? The Veterans Choice Program allows that under certain circumstances. Learn when pharmacies outside the VHA network can fill those prescriptions and what restrictions are in place.

  • Do SSRIs Increase Violent Crime by Teens and
    Young Adults?

    Concerns have been raised for years that SSRIs might cause teens and young adults to harm themselves, but what about other people? A new study finds some association with high risk of committing violent crimes among that cohort taking the depression drugs. Here are the details of the study and its limitations.


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