October 7, 2015
  • Pharmacists Have Highest Rates of Influenza Immunization in Healthcare

    Pharmacists put their own skin in the game when it comes to getting shots and other forms of immunization against influenza. According to the CDC, pharmacists have the highest rate of vaccine coverage among medical professionals. Find out how high it is and how much it has increased.

  • Lower Beta-Blocker Doses Appear to Provide
    Survival Advantage

    Much to the surprise of researchers, substantially lower doses of beta-blockers appear to be more effective in preventing death among heart attack patients than higher doses tested in clinical trials. Here are the details on the effects of different dosage levels.

  • TRICARE’s Refusal to Cover Some Compounded Medications Protested

    Pharmacy groups are backing more than 30 U.S. Congress members protesting a policy change by the Department of Defense’s health insurance program. Here is why they object to a change in TRICARE policy to limit coverage for many compounded medications.

  • Shaking Up Diabetes Care: Resuspending Insulin
    Pens Critical 

    Give it a shake. That’s what pharmacists should advise diabetes patients using NPH insulin pens, according to a new Italian study. Pharmacists might be surprised by how much of a difference resuspending the solution can make.


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