October 14, 2015
  • Metformin Appears to Slightly Increase Height
    in Young Users

    Metformin is widely used to treat diabetes and increasingly is prescribed to children and young adults for a variety of conditions, so it might be surprising that researchers have uncovered a previously unidentified side effect. Find out how the drug influences height in younger users.

  • Pharmacy Clinics Now Can Use Rapid PCR
    Influenza Tests

    A definitive diagnosis of influenza, and the type of influenza, now can be made in pharmacy clinics in 20 minutes or less. The FDA recently granted a waiver so that a real-time polymerase chain reaction test can be employed in nontraditional locations, including pharmacy clinics. Here are the details.

  • Early Initiation of Hormone Therapy Not Linked to Increased Coronary Risks of Later Initiation

    With an ongoing debate about the safety of hormone replacement in postmenopausal women, a new study provides some answers. Find out how Swedish researchers determined that early therapy initiation within 5 years of menopausal onset doesn’t increase coronary heart disease, as is the case with later initiation.

  • Research Recommends Against Calcium Increase Through Supplements or Dietary Changes

    Pharmacists often are questioned about the value of calcium supplementation, either through medication or dietary changes. The query has been difficult to answer because of the wide disagreement on whether increasing intake of the mineral is beneficial or not. Now, a pair of studies from New Zealand helps provide some answers.

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