November 4, 2015
  • Anaphylaxis Is Extremely Rare Side Effect
    of Flu Vaccine

    While it might be prudent for pharmacists to be concerned about a possible anaphylactic reaction from a flu vaccine, the actual incidence is extremely rare. A new study quantifies how often the severe allergic reactions occur for different types of flu vaccines. Here are the results.

  • Pharmacist-Led Program Improves Glycemic Control for Surgical Patients

    A team of pharmacists devoted to glycemic control in surgical patients had considerable success at an Oregon facility. Find out what methods were used and how much the pharmacists improved outcomes for surgical patients who either had diabetes or developed stress-induced hyperglycemia as a result of surgery.

  • Reducing Asthma Medication in Stable Patients Appears Safe

    One way to combat the high cost of asthma therapy is to reduce medication when possible. A new study finds few safety issues in doing that for patients who have had stable asthma for at least a year. What percentage of patients had problems after the step-down in drugs?

  • De-Intensification of Diabetes, BP Treatment Underused in Older Patients

    Most guidelines focus on increasing treatment for chronic diseases. A new study argues, however, that there should be more emphasis on recommending less aggressive treatment for older patients who are over-medicated for conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Here are the details.


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