October 28, 2015
  • Physician Group Opposes Chronic Care From Retail Health Clinics

    Not enough evidence exists to justify chronic care provided by retail clinics located in pharmacies and other commercial establishments, according to a position paper from a major physicians’ organization. Find out why the American College of Physicians also argues that the clinics are obligated to inform primary care physicians any time one of their patients is immunized or receives other treatment.

  • Survey: Pharmacists Want More Distinguishable Names for Biologics, Biosimilars

    Pharmacists want the FDA to do more to help them distinguish among biologics and biosimilars, according a new survey. Find out the view of survey respondents on labeling of the products and why they want more specificity than federal officials currently are offering.

  • Why and How Dietary Supplements Send Users for Emergency Care

    The multicolored bottles of dietary supplements lining drugstore shelves might look harmless, but they aren’t in every situation, according to a new report led by CDC researchers. Which products send users for emergency care most frequently and why?

  • Young Women Less Likely to Use Medications After Heart Attack

    Young women are less likely to be prescribed recommended medications after a heart attack and fill prescriptions at a low rate even if they get them. A new study documents the problem and offers suggestions on why it might be occurring. Here are the details.


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