November 11, 2015
  • Statins Appear to Reduce Immune Response
    to Flu Vaccine

    While older patients generally benefit from using statins, the cholesterol-lowering medications also might have a significant downside: reducing immune response to the flu vaccine and its ability to prevent serious illness. A recent study found that to be the case, especially with synthetic statins as opposed to those naturally derived.

  • Pharmacists in Medical Practices Help Increase Hypertension Control

    Having pharmacists meet with patients after reviewing their medical records turned out to be a cost-effective way to improve hypertension control. Find out what other benefits resulted from the pharmacist-physician collaboration to improve prescribing.

  • Prescription Drug Use, Including Polypharmacy, Increases in U.S. Adults

    An upsurge in prescription drug use over a dozen years was largely driven by higher prevalence of cardiometabolic syndrome, including hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, according to a new study. Find out which drug type had the greatest increases for U.S. adults.

  • Severe Acne Patients Are Left Too Long on
    Ineffective Antibiotics

    At least partly because of the barriers to prescribing a more targeted drug, patients with severe acne tend to be left too long on ineffective antibiotics. The common practice needs to change, according to authors of a recent study, because it is contributing to antibiotic overuse and resistance.


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