November 18, 2015
  • At Least 16 Million Americans Eligible for
    Intensive BP Control

    Pharmacists shouldn’t be surprised if they fill a lot more antihypertensive prescriptions in the future. A new study points out that as many as 16.8 million Americans would be eligible for intensive blood pressure management if the results of a recently released study are incorporated into guidelines. Here are the details.

  • HRT Appears to Improve Kidney Function in Postmenopausal Women

    Although controversy over its safety has reduced use, hormone replacement therapy still is prescribed to help control postmenopausal symptoms as well as for other reasons. Find out why a new study suggests that improved kidney function in postmenopausal women is another advantage to HRT.

  • AED Therapy Tied to Deteriorating Balance in Small Study of Siblings

    For all of the benefit to epilepsy patients, antiepileptic drug therapy has some downsides. One of them, according to a small Australian study, is deteriorating balance over time. Find out what else the sibling study research uncovered.

  • Macrolides Linked to Slightly Increased Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

    No one is suggesting yet that their use be curbed, but macrolides appear to slightly increase the risk of sudden cardiac death in users. The very large meta-analysis was conducted in China, and authors emphasize that their results shouldn’t have much effect on prescribing practices. Learn what else the study revealed.


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