December 23, 2015
  • Antidepressants Used During Pregnancy Linked to Higher Autism Rates

    A Canadian review of nearly 150,000 pregnancies found as much as an 87% increased risk of autism spectrum disorder when the mothers took SSRIs during the second and third trimesters. An accompanying commentary, however, urges a measured response to the information. Here are the details.

  • Patients With Controlled Diabetes Often Over-Tested, Over-Treated

    Checking HbA1c once or twice a year is enough for diabetes patients whose blood sugar is well-controlled, but care providers test much more often than that, according to a new study. Why do they do that and what is the effect of over-testing on over-treatment?

  • Consumer Magazine Urges Questioning of Pharmacists on Drug Pricing

    Pharmacists shouldn’t be surprised next month if customers give them the third degree on drug pricing. That is what an article in a major consumer magazine is urging. What questions should be expected?

  • Primary Care Providers Tagged as Biggest Prescribers of Opioids

    This likely will come as no surprise to pharmacists, but “pill mills” and a few active prescribers aren’t the only drivers of the massive numbers of opioid prescriptions leading to an overdose epidemic. Family doctors also bear a lot of the responsibility, according to new research. Here is more information.


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