January 6, 2016
  • Can SSRI Use Cause Mania and Bipolar Disorder in Depressed Patients?

    Depressed patients taking SSRIs or venlafaxine appear to have higher rates of subsequent bipolar disorder or mania, according to a new study. Find out how the British medical records review found the link and what study authors say about it.

  • Prescriptions for Compounded Hormone Therapy Growing Rapidly

    Using a survey of pharmacists, among other information, a new study finds a growing market for compound hormone therapy for menopause symptoms. Here is why study authors think prescriptions for those products have almost reached the level of prescriptions for FDA-approved medications.

  • E-Prescribing for Controlled Substances Now Legal Across U.S.

    As a new year begins, pharmacists should be aware that e-prescribing of controlled substances now is legal everywhere in the United States. Which was the last state to approve and what does that mean for reducing drug abuse?

  • Preoperative Heparin Safe for Patients Undergoing Major Cancer Surgery

    One of the nation’s major cancer centers has changed procedures on administering heparin to patients undergoing major surgery. Find out what a new study said about the safety of administering blood thinners preoperatively as well as postoperatively.


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