February 3, 2016
  • Listing Drug Label Instructions in Milliliters Decreases Dosage Errors By 50%

    A new study urges the FDA to mandate that drug-label dosing instructions be listed in milliliters, saying that significantly reduces errors. What advice can pharmacists offer now to make sure liquid medications are administered with the correct dosing device?

  • Antipsychotic Treatment Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk in Young Patients

    While the absolute incidence rates are small, increased type 2 diabetes risk in young patients using antipsychotics has raised concerns because of expanding use of the drugs. Find out how much antipsychotics increase risks of cardiometabolic adverse effects in youth.

  • Poll Finds Strong Support for Medicare Coverage of Obesity Drugs

    Unbeknownst to many Americans, federal law prohibits Medicare from covering drugs to combat obesity, even though it has been defined as a disease. A recent poll shows overwhelming support for legislation to overturn that ban. Find out more.

  • Estrogen in Many Forms Found to Be Protective Against Influenza

    While no one is suggesting that estrogen be widely used as a prophylactic against influenza, there is strong evidence that the female hormone drastically reduces the amount of flu virus that replicates in infected cells. Furthermore, the effect seems to exist in women, but not men, with a range of natural and artificial estrogens. Here are the details.

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