February 10, 2016
  • Greater Restriction on Hydrocodone Significantly Decreases Prescriptions

    Moving hydrocodone analgesic products to a more restrictive schedule of the Controlled Substances Act in late 2014 appears to have been worth the hassle. New data suggests that the number of hydrocodone combination products dispensed by pharmacies declined rapidly after the change. Here are the details.

  • H1N1 Viruses Become Predominant in Current Influenza Season

    The influenza season had been relatively mild to this point, but the CDC is cautioning that it could get worse, especially for those who aren’t vaccinated. Find out why the predominance of H1N1 viruses is raising new concerns.

  • Teens on Depression Meds Don’t Always Get Appropriate Follow-Up
    Teenagers seem to have a much greater risk of certain adverse effects from depression medications, yet new research also finds that a sizeable percentage of them are getting little or no follow-up after receiving a prescription. How likely is it that the adolescent picking up an antidepressant from a pharmacy is getting inadequate care?
  • Review Provides Information About Once-Weekly GLP-1RAs

    As the most accessible healthcare professionals for many patients, pharmacists often have to field queries about new drugs for common conditions, such as diabetes. A new study provides some information pharmacists can use to respond when questioned about the effectiveness and potential adverse effects of GLP-1RAs. Here is more information.


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