February 17, 2016
  • Most Americans Fail to Receive
    Recommended Vaccines

    Despite intensive efforts to increase recommended vaccination rates, most adults remain unprotected. A new CDC report discusses what can be done about that. Here are the details and how pharmacists can play an important role.

  • Guideline Adherence Lowers Risk of Death in Long-Term Opioid Therapy

    Pharmacists should be aware that chronic pain patients receiving both opioid painkillers and sedatives have a higher mortality risk, according to a new study. Researchers point out, however, that prescribers who follow guidelines—including the avoidance of that co-prescription and recommending mental health treatment—can help mitigate the risk of death.

  • Worldwide Concern Raised Over Increasing Resistance to Tenofovir for HIV
    Researchers are seeing increased resistance to a first-line treatment for HIV also used as pre-exposure prophylaxis. Find out why higher rates of resistance to tenofovir have the worldwide HIV treatment community so concerned.
  • Electronic Data Helps Prevent Medication Errors
    at Hospitals

    Electronic pharmacy claims data from a widely available source can help prevent medication-history errors at admission, as well as the inpatient order errors that often result, according to a study at a California hospital. Here is what researchers found in a recent study.


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