April 13, 2016
  • Cost of Insulin Triples in Decade; Price Versus
    Benefit Questioned

    With the price of insulin tripling in a decade, pharmacists should not be surprised to see type 2 diabetes patients moving to other drugs that have not shown such dramatic increases, according to a new study. Researchers raise the issue of whether cost-benefit analysis justifies the continued use of insulin at such a high cost.

  • Failure to Follow Drug Regimens Causes Problems for Skin Infection Patients

    Poor medication adherence causes problems for many patients who were previously hospitalized for skin and soft tissue infections and discharged with an antibiotic script. Find out how a new study suggests that can be remedied.

  • Estrogen Supplements Improve Memory in Amenorrheic Athletes
    Estrogen supplements often are prescribed to young women who stop having their menstrual periods because of excessive exercise. A new study reports that the therapy has a side benefit in improving their memory. Here are the details.
  • Which Statin Alternative Is More Effective in Patients With Muscle Symptoms?

    After a blinded rechallenge to assess whether patients were really statin-intolerant, a new study compared two alternatives to lower very high LDL cholesterol levels. Here’s what the researchers found out.


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