May 11, 2016
  • Antibiotics Often Unnecessary, Especially for Acute Respiratory Conditions

    What percentage of antibiotic prescriptions filled by pharmacists are beneficial and what percentage are inappropriate? That’s what a recent CDC study set out to determine, finding that about half of all prescriptions for acute respiratory ailments were probably unnecessary. Here are the details.

  • Study Recommends First-Line Antidepressive Choice for Overweight Patients

    Patients with depression are more likely to be overweight and those struggling with extra pounds are more likely to be depressed. The challenge is finding a medication that treats depression without exacerbating weight problems. Find out what a new study recommends.

  • Influenza Vaccine Significantly Benefits Expectant Mother, Newborn
    Immunizing an expectant mother against influenza has an extra—and substantial—benefit. It not only helps protect her from contracting the serious infectious disease, but also provides significant protection to her child in the first 6 months of life. Here is more information from a new study.
  • H Pylori Therapy Containing Clarithromycin Ups Neuropsychiatric Events

    Patients using therapy containing clarithromycin to treat H pylori have an increased risk of neuropsychiatric events, as well as psychotic events and cognitive impairment, according to a recent study. Hong Kong researchers add, however, that all effects appear to dissipate when treatment is complete. Here are more details.


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