May 18, 2016
  • Why Are Women Much Less Likely to Be
    Taking Statins?

    Statins are prescribed less often to women with coronary artery disease compared to men. A new study sought to determine why. Find out what factors explain 90% of the disparity.

  • New Study: Brand Name Drugs Cost an
    Excess $73 Billion

    Pushing prescribers to use therapeutic substitution is controversial and raises questions about the effect on patient care. Yet, according to a new study, potentially unnecessary use of brand-name medications considerably raises healthcare costs in the United States. Here is more information.

  • AFib Patients on Warfarin Have Higher Dementia
    Risks Than Others
    When it comes to cognitive issues, warfarin appears to have a different effect based on the underlying disease. A new study notes that atrial fibrillation patients on the anticoagulant had considerably greater risk of developing dementia. Find out what researchers recommend about prescribing the drug.
  • Long-Term Therapy for ‘Low T’ Doesn’t Appear to Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

    Androgen-deprivation therapy might be used to treat aggressive prostate cancer. but that doesn’t mean testosterone replacement therapy promotes the disease, according to a new study. In fact, researchers report evidence of lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer with long-term “low T” therapy. Here are the details.


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