June 29, 2016
  • Plant-Based Remedies Helpful in Reducing Some Menopausal Symptoms

    Women seeking help for menopausal symptoms but wary of hormone replacement therapy might be able to find solutions in the supplement aisles of drugstores. A new study finds that some easily obtainable plant-based therapies can modestly reduce frequency of hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Here is more information.

  • Many Atrial Fibrillation Patients Improperly Treated With Aspirin Alone

    Aspirin therapy isn’t as effective as anticoagulants for reduction of thromboembolism related to atrial fibrillation, but a new study finds that many AF patients are treated only with aspirin. Find out which patients are most likely to receive only the inappropriate therapy.

  • No Significant Increase in Melanoma Risks Related to PDE5 Inhibitor Use
    Do common erectile dysfunction therapies make it more likely that users will develop malignant melanoma? A new study suggests that men taking PDE5 inhibitors have only a slightly heightened risk, which could have other explanations. Here are the details.

  • Early Antibiotics Disrupt Gut Microbiome
    in Infants

    Taking prescribed antibiotics could have long-term consequences for children 2 years of age and younger, according to a new study. Here is how antibiotics—along with birth mode and diet—affect development of the human gut microbiome in infants and small children.


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