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July 13, 2016
  • Issue Raised About Pharmacist Use of
    Opioid-Monitoring Programs

    Are pharmacists using state opioid prescription–monitoring programs regularly enough? That was the question raised by a study in Maine, which incorporated a survey of pharmacy practices. Here is what study authors had to say.

  • “Low T” Therapy Increases Interest in Sex, Sexual Activity in Older Male Users

    Pharmacists often are questioned about the benefits and disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy. A new study provides some valuable information on the effect of “Low T” treatment on low libido and sexual activity. Here are more details.

  • Are Extended-Spectrum Antibiotics Better Postsurgically for Appendicitis?
    Broader is not necessarily better when it comes to antibiotics to treat complicated pediatric appendicitis. Find out how recent research determined that extended-spectrum antibiotics offer no advantage over narrower-spectrum antibiotics in patients with more complicated cases.
  • Depressed Heart Failure Patients Got Little Benefit From SSRI Treatment

    Depression is linked to greater risk of hospital readmission and mortality in heart failure patients, yet according to past research, short-term treatment with antidepressants hasn’t helped much. Now, a new study looking at longer term treatment has come up with similar results. Here is more information.

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