July 20, 2016
  • Pharmacists Should Closely Monitor What Heart Failure Patients Take

    Some drugs and so-called natural supplements could have unintended consequences for heart failure patients, according to a new study. Find out why study authors recommend that pharmacists and other healthcare professionals keep a close watch.

  • Sunscreens With Highest Consumer Ratings Aren’t Necessarily Most Effective

    Some advice from pharmacists could be valuable when customers are purchasing sunscreen. A new study finds that some of the most popular products don’t meet American Academy of Dermatology guidelines on cancer prevention. Here is more information.

  • Antibiotics Without Prescription Often Ineffective, Promote Resistance
    Pharmacists might be surprised to find out how often antibiotics are self-prescribed. The source? Usually leftover pills from a previous prescription, according to a new study which warns of the dangers of taking the drugs without the advice of a medical professional.
  • Zinc Acetate Lozenges Reduce Cold Length, Even With Allergies

    When asked about the effectiveness of zinc lozenges in shortening the duration of the common cold, pharmacists have some new information to offer. A new study suggests the zinc acetate products reduce the length of illness by nearly three days, even when users also have allergies. Here are the details.


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