July 27, 2016
  • Most Elderly Patients Underusing, Misusing
    Prescription Medications

    Underuse and misuse of prescribed medications is surprisingly common among patients aged 80 years and older, according to a new Belgian study. Find out how much that increases the risk of death or hospitalization.

  • A Week of Antibiotics Sufficient for Hospital-Acquired,
    Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

    While previous guidelines tied the length of antibiotic therapy to the type of bacteria identified in hospital-acquired or ventilator-associated pneumonia, new recommendations strongly urge that the drugs be given for 7 days or less. Find out what went into the risk-benefit analysis used to develop the new guidelines.

  • PrEP Can Be Cost-Effective in Reducing HIV Cases
    If Users Are Adherent
    Pre-exposure prophylaxis has the potential to reduce HIV cases among men having sex with men by a third over a decade. Success is predicated, however, on prescribers closely following treatment guidelines and on patients adhering to their drug regimen. Here are the details.
  • Magnesium Supplements Appear to Modestly Lower Blood Pressure

    A new study provides some answers for pharmacists frequently questioned about the effectiveness of magnesium supplementation on blood pressure. Find out how much of the mineral is required for modest BP lowering, according to the meta-analysis, and who might reap the greatest benefits.

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