August 18, 2016
  • Triple Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes Demonstrates
    Some Advantages

    Many people with type 1 diabetes struggle to keep their blood glucose levels controlled and monitored. A new study provides a possible solution: Patients on triple, instead of dual, therapy not only had better control but also lost weight. Here are the details.

  • ADT Raises Overall Mortality Risk in African-American Prostate Cancer Patients

    While androgen-deprivation therapy might allow life-saving treatment for some patients with prostate cancer, African-American men receiving the hormone therapy had a higher risk of death when compared to non-African American men, according to a retrospective study. Read more.

  • Predictability of INR Stability Affects Switching Patients From Warfarin
    When should patients on warfarin be transitioned to newer anticoagulants? One response says it depends on whether or not INR values remain stable. Find out what questions a new study raises about those assumptions.
  • Vitamin D Levels Drop With Termination of
    Estrogen-Containing Birth Control

    Women who stop taking estrogen-containing birth control pills might become vitamin D deficient if they subsequently become pregnant according to a new study. Learn why that occurs and how researchers suggest mitigating the risk.

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