August 31, 2016
  • Dangerously Low Medication Adherence Common in Post-MI, ATH Patients

    Adherence to maintenance medications is a critical factor in reducing repeat cardiovascular events in patients. Yet, a new study finds that surprisingly high numbers of those patients fail to follow drug regimens 2 years after their first myocardial infarction or other event. Here is what the authors recommend to improve adherence.

  • Medication Reviews Infrequent After Fractures
    in Older Patients

    Many drugs used by older patients can increase risk of fractures, yet medication reviews rarely occur after that type of event, according to a new study. Find out what study authors recommend about discontinuation of therapies after patients suffer a broken bone.

  • Pharmacists Weigh in on How Biosimilars
    Should Be Named
    What’s in a name? Apparently a lot, according to a survey of pharmacists dispensing biosimilars for a reference biologic. Here is more information on how naming and notification requirements are viewed.
  • ACA Coverage Significantly Increases Prescriptions, Especially for Chronically Ill

    If lines are forming at pharmacy counters, changes brought about the Affordable Care Act could be the cause. A new study finds that formerly uninsured patients are filling more prescriptions than ever, now that they have health coverage. Find out what groups are especially affected.


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