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October 5, 2016
  • Leftover Opioids From Wisdom Teeth Extraction Could Be Fueling Epidemic

    Wisdom tooth extraction patients tend to use only a portion of the painkillers prescribed by their dentists, leaving opioids available for misuse and abuse, according to a new study. Find out how researchers recommend getting those leftover drugs off the medicine cabinet shelves.

  • Antenatal Corticosteroids Cause Neither Benefit Nor Harm in Mid-Childhood

    Here is some comforting information that can be provided to pregnant women prescribed corticosteroids because of the risk of very preterm birth: The drugs don’t have any effect, good or bad, once the newborn reaches middle childhood, according to a new study. Learn whether the results were different if corticosteroids were used repeatedly.

  • How Much Are EpiPen Price Hikes Costing Medicare
    Part D, Beneficiaries?
    The high price of EpiPens has been all over the news. Is it hype or have the cost increases really been that much? In addition, how have the soaring costs affected older patients? Helping to answer those questions is a new review of Medicare Part D expenditures for the lifesaving drug.
  • Severe Kidney Infection Increasingly Resistant to Fluoroquinolones

    Based on location and patient factors, as many as 20% of people with a severe kidney infection could fail to respond to fluoroquinolone treatment, according to a new report. Find out what is behind the dramatic increase in antibiotic resistance among patients diagnosed with pyelonephritis.

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