October 26, 2016
  • Calcium From Supplements, Not Diet, Linked to Arterial Plaque Buildup

    In terms of plaque buildup in arteries, the issue is not just how much calcium is ingested but also in what form, according to a new study. Researchers found that too many calcium supplements could be linked to changes that could increase heart risks, yet high dietary intake didn’t have that effect. Here are the details.

  • ADT for Prostate Cancer Linked to Higher
    Dementia Risk

    Prostate cancer patients using androgen deprivation therapy have a 4.4% increased risk of developing dementia in 5 years, according to new research, which cautions that the greatest risk is among men ≥70 years of age. What are the possible causes?

  • Quality Bundle Improves Discharge E-Prescribing Rate at Texas Hospital
    With some states now mandating e-prescribing for all prescriptions, healthcare institutions are pushing to catch up. Find out how a children’s hospital in Texas used quality improvement techniques to increase discharge e-prescribing.
  • Maternal Depression, SSRI Purchase Linked to Disorders in Offspring 

    No one is yet calling for a change in practice, but a new study has found that speech/language disorders were more common in children when their expectant mothers had depression and filled multiple prescriptions for SSRIs. Study authors say the need for further research is especially urgent because prescriptions for the depression drugs are increasing among pregnant women. Here is more information.


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