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December 21, 2016
  • Graphic Changes Aid Identification of Active OTC Ingredients

    Drug package design is more than just window-dressing, according to a new Norwegian study. Better graphics also help OTC medication users avoid misuse, especially if they are elderly. Here are the details.

  • High Use of Statins Linked With Lower Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

    A review of Medicare claims data finds further evidence of the possibility that high use of statins can lower Alzheimer’s disease risk in some patients. Find out which products appeared to work best for which racial/ethnic groups and which subgroup of participants got no benefit.

  • Only Half of Americans Have Been Vaccinated Against Flu—or Plan to Be
    Pharmacists know well the challenge in persuading adults to get vaccinated against influenza. An analysis of survey data illustrates the level of difficulty, finding that only about half of Americans either have gotten a flu shot or say they plan to. Here are the details.
  • Guidelines Affected Diagnosis, Treatment of Preschool Children With ADHD

    Pharmacists might have noticed that the rate of stimulant prescribing for preschool children appears to be leveling off. A new study suggests that is the effect of 2011 guidelines on treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in pediatric patients. Here is more information.

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