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January 18, 2017
  • Acid-Suppression Medications Increase Intestinal
    Infection Risks

    Pharmacists might counsel patients using acid-suppression medications that they should be especially careful about food safety. A new Scottish study finds higher rates of intestinal infection, both in the community and in hospitals, among those using the medications. Here are the details.

  • Young Adult Dyslipidemia Patients Often Aren’t
    Prescribed Statins

    Most young adults under 40 aren’t prescribed a statin, even if their LDL-C cholesterol level is high, according to a new study. How much does age affect use of statins among Americans with dyslipidemia?

  • Natural Progesterone Therapy Holds Promise for
    Lost Pregnancies
    For some women with unexplained pregnancy loss, the solution could be as simple as supplementation with natural progesterone. That’s according to a new study finding that certain women following the regimen had much higher birth rates. Here is more information.
  • Hearing Loss Decreased With Lower Effective Doses
    of TB Therapy

    Therapeutic drug monitoring might save the day for tuberculosis (TB) patients who suffer high rates of hearing loss from their medications. A team of Dutch pharmacists found that by determining personalized dosages, most patients with the respiratory disease could lower their risks while still getting effective treatment. How did the pharmacy team do that?

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