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February 15, 2017
  • No Neurological Effects With Very Low Cholesterol From PCSK9 Therapy

    How low is too low for LDL cholesterol? A new study found that patients taking PCSK9 inhibitors had no indication of neurological effects—which had been a concern—but that some increased their risk of cataracts. Here are the details.

  • Some Pediatric Cancer Patients Have Lower Drug Adherence Than Reported

    Even though nearly total adherence to 6-mercaptopurine is essential to help prevent recurrence of acute lymphocytic leukemia, patients with the most common type of pediatric cancer and their parents tend to overstate how closely they are following the drug regimen. Here are solutions suggested by a new study.

  • NSAIDS, Other Back Pain Medications, Aren’t Effective in Most Patients
    Fewer than 20% of back pain patients using NSAIDs had any significant reduction in pain, according to a new Australian study. What does the study say about the effectiveness of other commonly prescribed medications for that condition?
  • Common Dietary Supplement Creates Adverse Reactions Similar to Statins

    When prescription medications have side effects, some patients switch to a “natural” alternative, believing those to be less risky. A new study demonstrates why that isn’t necessarily true. Here are more details on how a common dietary supplement causes adverse reactions similar to statins.

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