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March 8, 2017
  • Little Warning of CKD Progression in Proton Pump Inhibitor Users

    While renal symptoms are a known side effect of proton pump inhibitors, the assumption was that the drugs could be discontinued before any lasting damage was done. That appears not to be the case, according to a new study. Find out why.

  • Financial Issues Affect Treatment Adherence for Non-Elderly Cancer Survivors

    Cancer survivors too young for Medicare often struggle to pay for their prescription medications, which can affect adherence to their drug regimens. The problem might be more common that pharmacists realize. Here are the details.

  • Opioids Often Aren’t Stored Safely in Homes
    With Children
    When pharmacists fill prescriptions for opioids, they might also dispense this advice: Store the drugs so children can’t get them, even in homes with older kids. That’s according a new study finding low rates of safe storage in homes with children. Here are the details.
  • Alzheimer’s Drug Can Have Opposite Effect in Patients With Genetic Variation

    While donepezil can have a positive effect on cognitive function in many patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it can cause undesirable changes in those with a specific genetic variation. That’s according to a new study urging wider genetic testing before prescribing it. Here is what researchers found.

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