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May 17, 2017
  • Early Antacid Initiation for Reflux Raises Children’s Fracture Risks

    Treatment for acid reflux in infants can have a potentially serious adverse effect: an increased risk for bone fracture later in childhood. Find out what therapies initiated in which age groups present the greatest risks.

  • Some Antibiotics Appear to Be Safer Options
    in Pregnancy
    Here’s some new information to help pharmacists calm the concerns of pregnant women who are prescribed antibiotics. A new Canadian review discusses which antibiotic classes present the greatest and least risk for miscarriage. Find out more.

  • Antipsychotic Benefits Found to Outweigh Risks for Schizophrenia Patients
    Antipsychotic drugs have many more benefits than risks for patients with schizophrenia and related conditions, a new review emphasizes. Researchers gathered evidence to combat hesitancy to initiate the therapy. Here is more information.
  • Methadone Treatment During Surgery Helps Decrease Opioid Usage

    In an effort to lower usage of opioid painkillers and improve patient comfort after a painful surgery, Illinois researchers successfully tested the use of methadone during the procedure. Find out how much less hydromorphone patients required postsurgery after receiving methadone.

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