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July 12, 2017
  • Are the Flu Shot's Days Numbered? Vaccine
    Patch Tested

    Imagine a time when pharmacists could simply dispense a patch to customers seeking influenza vaccination instead of administering a shot. The day might be closer than many expect. Here is more information about a patch, which was successfully tested recently, with dissolvable needles.

  • When Orthopedic Surgery Patients Shouldn't Get Antirheumatic Medications
    Which medications should be continued and which should be stopped for surgery is often a confusing issue. New guidelines help clear that up for patients taking anti-rheumatic drugs and undergoing joint replacement. Here is the advice.

  • Polypharmacy Affects Walking While Talking in
    Older Patients  
    Polypharmacy can have a number of adverse effects, and a new study identifies yet another one: reduced walking speed and ability to walk and talk at the same time. How many medications were too many?
  • Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction Lowers CKD Morbidity, Mortality

    While the benefit in other patients might be debated, researchers suggest there is no question that intensive blood pressure–lowering benefits patients with chronic kidney disease. Find out how much managing hypertension lowered morbidity and mortality rates.

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