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August 2, 2017

New Study Refutes Previous Research Suggesting PPI, Dementia Link
Does use of proton-pump inhibitors increase the risk of dementia? A new review of past research suggests that no compelling evidence exists to make that case. Here are the details.

Pediatric Exposure to Dietary Supplements Can Cause
Serious Effects

Many users of dietary supplements purchase them at their local drugstore. That might give pharmacists the opportunity to warn those customers about keeping the products away from children, who can develop serious health issues from accidently ingesting them. Here are more details.

Autism Risk Is Higher, But Small When Expectant Mothers
Take Antidepressants

Pharmacists can offer some comforting information to expectant mothers worried about taking antidepressants. A new British study finds a slightly higher risk of autism in offspring of those who took antidepressants, but emphasizes that the risk overall remains very small. Here’s what the authors had to say.

Most Older Smokers Don’t Fill Stop-Smoking Prescriptions
Soon After MI

Pharmacists might think that older smokers who endured myocardial infarction (MI) would be anxious to kick the habit. Find out why a study suggests that is not often the case, based on prescriptions for smoking-cessation medication.

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