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September 13, 2017

Ultra-Low Appears to Be Better for LDL Cholesterol in
High-Risk Patients

The growing use of PCSK9 inhibitors, which can substantially drive down LDL cholesterol beyond current treatment targets, has raised questions about the safety of ultra-low LDL levels. Here is how new research answers those questions.

Sildenafil Dangerous for Certain Pulmonary-
Hypertension Patients

Many prescribers assume sildenafil is a safe, off-label treatment for patients with retrograde pulmonary hypertension. A study presented at a recent conference suggests that is not the case and strongly advises against prescription of the erectile dysfunction drugs in certain patients with valvular heart disease. Here’s why.

CDC: Influenza Vaccine Slightly Modified for New Season
The flu vaccine pharmacists are administering this fall and winter is slightly modified from last year’s. What changed in the formulation, and are there any other CDC recommendations that differ from last year?

Transdermal Estrogen Promising for Improved Postmenopausal Sexual Function
Reduced sexual function after menopause is common and can have an adverse effect on quality of life. A new study suggests that transdermal estrogen can be effective in ameliorating some of the symptoms caused by declining hormone levels. Here is what researchers found.

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