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October 11, 2017

Older Americans Commonly Use Sleep Aids, Generally Unaware of Risks
A poll found that sleep medications were used by many older Americans, even though guidelines also recommend against their use in patients over age 65 years. The drugs, usually approved only for short-term use, also were being continued for extended periods of time. Here’s what else the survey uncovered.

Pharmacists Remain Among Likeliest Healthcare Workers to Get Flu Vaccines
Pharmacists don’t just give, they also receive—at least when it comes to flu shots. Find out what percentage of pharmacists had been immunized against influenza in a recent CDC study and where they rank among healthcare personnel in vaccination rates.

Most Patients Couldn’t Afford to Fill PCSK9 Prescriptions
in First Year

About three times as many prescriptions were written for PCSK9 inhibitors in their first year of availability than those actually filled, according to a new study. The reasons? High out-of-pocket costs and difficulty getting insurance approvals. Here are more details.

Antibiotic Treatment for Pediatric Asthma Often Inappropriate
Antibiotics continue to be overprescribed to children with asthma, a Dutch study found, suggesting that the issue is a worldwide concern. How often are the drugs being used to treat asthma exacerbations despite guideline recommendations against the use of antibiotics in most cases?

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