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October 25, 2017

Hormones Appear Safe for Menopausal Women With Migraines
Research on the safety of hormones in women going through menopause could offer another treatment option for migraine headaches. That’s according to a presentation at The North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting. Here are the details.

Insulin Pumps Reduce Complications in Pediatric Type 1
Diabetes Patients

A new German study might put to rest concerns about some risks associated with use of insulin-pump therapy in pediatric type 1 diabetes patients. In fact, the research found a better safety profile with that delivery method than with injections. Find out what else
the researchers determined.

Community Pharmacies Expand Services While
Reimbursements Drop

Faced with declining prescription volume and reimbursements, community pharmacies are increasing their scope of services to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. What services are most likely to be offered?

Ibuprofen Versus Oral Morphine: Fewer Side Effects After Minor Pediatric Surgery
Are oral morphine prescriptions really necessary when children undergo minor orthopedic surgery? A new study suggests they are not. Find out why study authors suggest ibuprofen should be the first-line option.

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