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November 1, 2017

Statins Heighten Type 2 Diabetes Risk 30% in
Susceptible Patients

Taking statins appears to increase the risk of developing diabetes in a group of patients already at high risk, according to a new study. The authors urge that the risk be balanced against the protective advantages of lowering cholesterol. Here are the details.

Awareness of Transition to Biosimilar Appears to Influence Discontinuation Rate
A relatively high percentage of patients making the switch from infliximab to a biosimilar discontinued the new drug over 6 months of follow-up in a recent study. With most of the complaints subjective, what else did authors suggest might have led patients to stop taking the new medication?

Surprise: Flu Pandemics More Likely to Occur in Spring,
Early Summer

The push to vaccinate against influenza is occurring now. While that might provide protection against seasonal outbreaks, pandemics could be another matter. Find out why new research suggests flu pandemics are most likely to occur in spring and early summer and not during the winter months.

Lamotrigine During Pregnancy Does Not Increase Newborn
Birth Defects

Pregnant women with chronic illnesses often are apprehensive about taking their maintenance medications. Now, pharmacists can offer some good news to expectant mothers with epilepsy about the effects of lamotrigine on birth malformations or neurodevelopmental disorders. Here are the details.

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