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November 15, 2017

Two-Thirds of Pharmacists Showed Up for Work Despite Flu-Like Symptoms
Whether because of dedication or other reasons, pharmacists are likely to show up for work, even if they have influenza-like symptoms, according to a new survey. Find out why pharmacists and other healthcare professionals opt not to stay home when they are sick.

Determining Which RA Patients Are Likely to Successfully Taper Off Biologics
When rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients are in remission, tapering off their biologic medications can be beneficial, although that doesn’t work well in some instances, according to new research. What factors suggest that down-titration will work in RA patients?

Analysis Finds 33% Increased Kidney Disease Risk in PPI Users
A meta-analysis adds information to growing concerns about heightened kidney disease risk in patients using proton pump inhibitors for heartburn, reflux, or ulcers. How much did use of the acid-reducing drugs increase the risk of chronic kidney disease or end-stage renal disease?

Bisphosphonate Drug Holidays Increase Risk of Hip Fractures
in Women

FDA safety communications have raised questions about the safety of long-term bisphosphonate use in women with osteoporosis. Yet, according to a new study, drug holidays create their own problems, significantly increasing the risk of hip fracture in those patients. Here is what researchers determined.

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