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January 3, 2018

Pharmacists Don’t Need to Ask About Egg Allergies Before
Flu Shot

When it comes to egg allergies and flu shots, the new guidance for pharmacists is “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Here’s why a number of groups are urging influenza immunization even in those with past reactions to eggs.

Smoking-Cessation Drug Linked to Higher Cardiovascular Risks
A commonly prescribed smoking-cessation drug appears to raise the risk of cardiovascular events in patients who take it. Study authors say they aren’t urging against use of varenicline but advise that the risks and benefits be better understood by users. Here are the details.

Small Increased Birth-Defect Risk Found With Methylphenidate for ADHD
Use of a common ADHD drug, methylphenidate, by pregnant women has been linked to increased heart defects in infants. No similar effect was seen with amphetamines, however. How significant was the risk?

Meta-Analysis Finds Surprisingly Low Medication Adherence
for Metformin

Metformin has been the first-line diabetes drugs for years, but apparently it’s not that popular with patients. A new study finds that nearly a third of those drugs aren’t taken when prescribed, usually to avoid side effects. Which drugs had higher adherence levels?

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