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February 7, 2018

Running Out of Influenza Supplies? Here’s Some Advice
for Pharmacists

What can you do if patients need products to protect against or treat influenza and your shelves are bare? Here is some advice from public health officials.

Meaningful Percentage of Adults Exceed Recommended Ibuprofen Dosages
“If a little is good, more must be better” is definitely not accurate when it comes to NSAIDs. A new study reveals how commonly maximum recommended doses of the anti-inflammatories are exceeded. Here is more information.

Drug Combinations Improve First-Stroke Risk Reduction
While both lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels help protect against strokes, combining the two works even better. Here are the details of the recent conference presentation on preventing first-time strokes.

Beware of Herb-Prescription Drug Adverse Reactions, Especially in CVD, Cancer Patients
Herbal products found on drugstore shelves might seem to be harmless because they are “natural,” but a new study demonstrates the fallacy of that belief. Find out why use of herbal products is most risky for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and transplant patients.

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