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March  21, 2018

New Study Finds Intensive BP Treatment Risky for
Some Patients

An analysis suggests that strict adherence to recent SPRINT blood pressure guidelines might not be the best approach. Find out which patients benefit most from intensive treatment and which ones are more likely to be harmed than helped.

Acetaminophen Overdoses Rise Substantially During
Cold/Flu Season

With a fierce influenza season just now waning, pharmacists should sound the alarm: Be careful about overdosing on acetaminophen. A study found that the likeliest cause of overuse was unknowingly taking more than one OTC product containing the painkiller. Here is more information.

Cost Is Significant Factor in Cardiac Drug Prescriptions
and Adherence

With vouchers to pay for cardiac drugs, physicians were more likely to prescribe them, and
patients were more likely to take them, according to a presentation at a recent cardiology conference. While that was expected, find out what result puzzled researchers.

Efforts to Curtail Outpatient Antibiotic Prescribing Are
Falling Short

While inappropriate use of antibiotics has declined in hospitals, only slight change has been documented in prescriptions issued from outpatient settings. Find out the results of a new study looking at antibiotic prescribing rates and what the authors suggest needs to be done.

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