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May 3, 2018

Which Type 2 Diabetes Treatments Most Linked to
Reduced Mortality?

A commonly prescribed type 2 diabetes drug doesn’t appear to demonstrate the same mortality benefits as other often-used medications. Find out which one, based on a meta-analysis of recent studies.

Many Answers to Why Children Don’t Adhere to Daily
Asthma Medication

Pharmacists see it all of the time: children who have asthma flare-ups because of poor adherence to anti-inflammatory medications. A new survey attempted to find out why this happens but ended up with very mixed results. Here are the details.

Despite Medication, Fewer Than Half of Epilepsy Patients Seizure-Free
The overwhelming majority of patients with epilepsy take medication for the neurologic condition. What might surprise pharmacists, however, is how few were seizure-free in the past year, despite the drugs. Here’s how CDC researchers explain the situation.

Nearly a Third of Postsurgical Patients Use None of Their Prescribed Opioids
Nearly all surgical patients go home with a prescription for opioid painkillers, but about a third of them never touch the drugs, a new survey suggests. What did the study find out about satisfaction with pain management and how many pills most patients really need?

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