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May 9, 2018

Longer Proton Pump Inhibitor Use Linked to Pneumonia in Older Adults
Because some formulations are available OTC, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) might seem harmless to many users. That isn’t necessarily true, and pharmacists can cite a recent study—which identifies a link between longer-term PPI use and pneumonia in older adults—to make that point. Here are the details.

New MS Guidelines Urge Earlier Initiation of Disease-
Modifying Therapies

Disease-modifying therapies do more than control symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS); they also can affect the course of the disease. That’s why new guidance urges earlier treatment of patients with the neurologic condition. Find out what other recommendations are included in the new guidelines.

Many Young Children Insured by Medicaid Are Prescribed Psychotropic Drugs
Pharmacists have likely received an increasing number of prescriptions for psychotropic drugs for young children. Even more concerning, many of those might be for off-label use. Find out how common it is for young children covered by Medicaid to be prescribed therapy after being diagnosed with mental-health and behavioral issues.

Longer-Term Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy Linked to Fetal Effects
A study linking acetaminophen to a higher risk of some neurodevelopmental disorders likely has some expectant mothers in a panic. Pharmacists can reassure them that even the study authors say there is little concern about short-term use of the drug during pregnancy, especially since pain and fever can be detrimental to a developing fetus. Here is more information.

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