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May 16, 2018

Pharmacists Should Caution Men on Daily Aspirin About Melanoma Risk
Men purchasing daily aspirin to use for heart attack prevention might benefit from some counseling from their pharmacist on how to prevent skin cancer. A study finds they have increased melanoma risk, which does not appear to affect women. Here are more details.

Bisphosphonate Drug Holidays Increase Fracture Risks
Over Time

Drug holidays from bisphosphonates might be necessary, but they are not without risks. A new study finds an increased likelihood of fractures when patients temporarily discontinue the osteoporosis drugs. What bones were most commonly affected?

CDC Announces Modified Composition for 2018–19
Influenza Vaccine

Public health officials worldwide are tweaking next influenza season’s vaccine, in hopes of providing a higher level of protection. Find out what changed and why at least one alteration wasn’t related to antigenic drift of a virus.

Pharmacy Staff Still Has Inadequate Education About ‘Morning After’ Pill
Regulations on dispensation of the so-called morning after pill changed years ago, but some pharmacies are still lagging behind, according to a new study conducted in Texas. Here’s why researchers recommend pharmacy staff get more education about the medication and also on laws on how it should be dispensed.

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