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May 23, 2018

Five Antibiotic Classes Can Raise Kidney-Stone Risks in
Some Patients

Pharmacists might think they are fully informed about all the risks presented by antibiotics, but a recent study has provided evidence of yet another one: kidney stones. Find out who is at greatest risk and which antibiotic classes were likeliest to cause those problems.

Adding Folic Acid to Medications Appears to Help Reduce
Stroke Risk

A readily available supplement could prevent strokes in certain adults with hypertension, a new study suggests. Find out how much difference combining folic acid with enalapril made in reducing risk of first stroke in patients with hypertension and low platelet count.

Alternative Delivery Means Inpatients Get Pain Control With Reduced Opioids
When it comes to opioids, does how they are delivered matter more than how much? A new study suggests that is the case in inpatients, finding that avoiding IV methods lowered exposure without a reduction in pain relief. Here are the details.

Should Drugs Be Discontinued in Patients With ‘Resolved’
Atrial Fibrillation?

Does atrial fibrillation really resolve in patients being treated for the condition? A British study suggests it doesn’t and that stroke risk remains high in those patients. Yet, they report, drug therapy stops in many patients. Here are their findings.

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