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June 28, 2018

NSAIDs Play Outsized Role in Upping CV Disease Risk
in Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis patients have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. A new study sought to tease out the reasons why. How much of a role did treatment with NSAIDs play in making those patients more likely to be diagnosed with heart disease?

Dietary Supplement Use by Young Americans Is Widespread
and Growing

Dietary supplements and other alternative medicine products usually aren’t recommended for children and adolescents because of the risk of adverse drug events. That doesn’t keep them from being used, however, with a new study reporting that about of a third of young people in the United States take supplements, especially omega-3 fatty acids and melatonin. Here is more information.

Vitamin D Deficiency Lowers Survival in Solid Tumor
Cancer Patients

Too little vitamin D appears to have adverse effects beyond those that are commonly considered, such as bone disorders. A new study points out that cancer patients with solid tumors have reduced survival rates if they are deficient in vitamin D. Here are more details.

Time-Consuming Medication Reconciliation Worth It for Diabetes Patients
Whether performed by a pharmacist or a nurse, reconciling patient medication lists can be time-consuming and frustrating. A new study suggests the effort pays off, however, especially for those with diabetes. Find out how much the time spent reconciling medications lowered emergency department visits and hospitalizations for those patients.

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