U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
July 25, 2018

Urgent-Care Centers Most Likely to Issue Inappropriate
Antibiotic Prescriptions

For antibiotic-inappropriate respiratory diagnoses, prescribing of the drugs was highest in urgent-care centers and nearly double that of the next highest—emergency departments. Find out why CDC researchers are concerned that the trend will worsen.


Pharmacist Study Identifies Characteristics of Fatal
Overdose Victims

When pharmacists notice concurrent prescriptions for high-dose opioids combined with benzodiazepine sedatives, they should raise concerns. That is one of the actions that could help save lives, according to a new study. Here are more details.

Adherence to New Medications Can Be Critical for Diabetes Patients
Pharmacists should let patients know that the consequences of failing to follow their diabetes drug regimens can be dire, a new study points out. Find out how much poor drug adherence can increase the risk of cardiovascular comorbidities.

Safety Questions Send Once-Burgeoning Testosterone Prescriptions Into Decline
Five years ago, it might have seemed as if every other prescription being filled was for testosterone. The trend turned around dramatically, however, after the FDA announced an investigation of links between use of the supplements and cardiovascular events. Here is more information.

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