U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
August 23, 2018

Study: These Medications Are Best Options for Adults, Children With ADHD

Not all ADHD drugs are created equal when it comes to effectiveness and tolerability. A British study compared the safety and effectiveness of seven ADHD therapies. Find out which medications are recommended for both children and adults.


Diabetes Can Develop in Cancer Patients Treated With Checkpoint Inhibitors
Cancer patients being treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs) should be carefully monitored for development of insulin-dependent diabetes, a new study suggests. Particularly in patients with known type 2 diabetes, A1C levels should be followed carefully in those who have tumors treated with CPIs, the study authors advise. Here is more information.

Further Reduction of Low LDL Cholesterol Has CV Benefits Without Safety Concerns
Even in patients without high LDL cholesterol, statin or nonstatin medications have cardiovascular (CV) benefits when they further lower the levels. That’s according to a new meta-analysis that found no safety concerns with the intensive treatment. Find out more.

Testosterone Supplementation Not Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Despite clinician worries, testosterone supplementation does not appear to increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The findings were based on a review of records involving more than 150,000 veterans. Find out what, if any, effects the results might have on guideline-recommended use of testosterone.


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