U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
September 5, 2018

Extremely High HDL Nearly as Dangerous as Too-Low Levels

Many of the cholesterol prescriptions pharmacists dispense are to both lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL levels. A new study warns against too-high HDL levels, however. Find out the downsides of raising “good” cholesterol.


Antibiotic Adverse Drug Events Sent 70,000 Children for Emergency Care
Pharmacists might want to deliver a note of caution with antibiotics they fill for children. Certain types are more likely to send patients for emergency care because of adverse drug effects. Here’s information on which antibiotics are most risky, based on age groups.

For Combo Drugs, the Whole Can Be More Expensive Than
the Parts

Recent research has documented some benefits of combination medications, but at what cost? That’s the question raised by a new study finding that 29 brand-name combo drugs cost Medicare Part D more than $900 million more than if patients had simply taken the generic components. Here are more details.

No Link Between HPV Vaccine, Premature Menopause
in Adolescents

Parental concerns about the safety of the human papillomavirus immunization has kept vaccination rates lower than expected in adolescents. A new study finds no link, however, between the vaccine and premature menopause in girls. How did hazard ratios compare to other common vaccines?

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