U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
October 18, 2018

Clinicians Issue One in Five Antibiotic Prescriptions Without Inpatient Visit
Antibiotic stewardship efforts tend to focus on reducing prescriptions issued during outpatient clinic visits. A new study suggests that isn’t enough, pointing out that patients have not been seen in person for as many as 20% of antibiotic prescriptions received. What problem did the study also find with nearly half of the scripts for antibiotics?


New Guidelines Emphasize Patient Preference in T2D Therapy Selection
The problem with pushing hyperglycemia therapy that patients don’t want is that they simply won’t follow the regimen. That’s according to new diabetes guidelines emphasizing that patient preference should be a large determinant in what treatment is prescribed. What else is new in the guidelines?

New Study Recommends 7 Days of Metronidazole for Trichomoniasis
Pharmacists fill a lot of prescriptions for antibiotics to treat trichomoniasis, the most common curable sexually transmitted disease. A new study finds, however, that the usual treatment often isn’t effective and recommends a new regimen. Here are the details.

Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Shows Promise in Reducing Ovarian-Cancer Risk
Does an aspirin a day help keep ovarian cancer away? A new study demonstrates why the situation isn’t that simple. It found benefit for low-dose aspirin, but none for a regular dosage and potential harm for heavy use of other NSAIDs. Here are more details.

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