U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
October 31, 2018

Pharmacist Vaccinations Could Save Thousands in a
Flu Epidemic

Pharmacists have a critical role to play in preventing morbidity and mortality from future influenza epidemics, according to a new study based on a computer model. Find out how many lives could be saved if public health officials better promoted pharmacy-administered flu vaccines.


Full Adherence to Tamoxifen Therapy Found to Be
Surprisingly Low

Even though tamoxifen therapy can help prevent breast-cancer recurrence and improve survival rates, a surprising percentage of patients aren’t fully adherent. A new study came to that conclusion based on serum levels of tamoxifen in the participants. Here is more information.

Hypertension Treatment Might Prevent, Delay Some
Dementia Cases

Arterial stiffness might play a bigger role in dementia cases than previously expected, according to researchers who point out that the condition can be treated with antihypertensives. Here’s why the study authors are optimistic about the effectiveness of such an approach.

Antipsychotics No Help for Delirium in ICU Patients
For 40 years, antipsychotic medications have been used to treat delirium that often develops in ICU patients. A shocking new study finds little benefit from the drugs, however. Here is how researchers came to that conclusion.


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