U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
November 15, 2018

Survey Finds Diversion of Pediatric Antibiotics
Surprisingly Common

Who actually will end up taking antibiotic prescriptions that pharmacists fill for pediatric patients? The answer might be shocking, based on a recent survey asking parents about diversion of the drugs. Here are the details.


Concerns Raised About Medications’ Widespread Effect on Lung Health
Medication-related lung conditions appear to be more common than previously suspected, new research finds. Which drug classes are most likely to lead to the development of drug-induced interstitial lung disease?

Home Blood-Pressure Monitoring in U.S. Correlates Well
With Clinic Measures

With assurance that home blood-pressure monitoring can be used to confirm a hypertension diagnosis, proper technique becomes more important than ever, and pharmacists are likely to have to field a lot of questions. Here’s how the American Heart Association recommends that home monitoring be performed.

Metformin Shows Promise in Preventing Blinding Condition in Type 2 Diabetes
Clinical guidelines recommend metformin as the first treatment for type 2 diabetes if it can be tolerated. A new Taiwanese study adds to the evidence, finding that the medication appears to lower risk for age-related macular degeneration in those patients. Here is more information.


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