U.S. Pharmacist Weekly News Update
December 19, 2018

Annual Flu Shot Can
Be Lifesaving for Heart
Failure Patients

While immunization against influenza is important for all older adults, that is especially the case when they have certain chronic illnesses. Here is why it is so critical for pharmacists to urge flu shots for patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure.


Oxybutynin Could Help
Hot Flashes When Hormones
Not Indicated

Some women with severe hot flashes, such as those who’ve had breast cancer, aren’t good candidates for hormone replacement therapy to relieve the symptoms. A drug commonly used for urinary incontinence is showing promise in reducing frequency and severity of hot flashes, according to a recent conference presentation. Here is more information.

Even ‘Borderline’ High
Glucose Levels Worsen Outcomes
After Discharge

Hospital pharmacists are often called upon to deal with inpatients with dysregulated blood sugar. A new study looks at what happens to those patients after hospital discharge. Some of their results were surprising. Here are the details.

AHA: Statins Might Not Cause Many Side Effects Associated With Them
Pharmacists hear patient complaints about statin side effects all of the time. A new American Heart Association scientific statement suggests, however, that the reported symptoms might not actually be associated with statins, which have a low side-effect profile. Find out why the document says that and why a committee found that statin benefits far outweighed risks.

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